About us

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SEE3 is proud to support all the businesses in our three high streets of Forest Hill, Kirkdale and Sydenham.
Over the last nine years we have welcomed new businesses and helped those involved in the development of a vibrant evening economy and we have encouraged landlords to think creatively with their lettings. We are delighted to work with Lewisham Council in promoting business rate discounts for small, independent businesses and in providing local employment through our apprenticeship scheme. We have worked with traders to deliver community initiatives that give a buzz to our high streets. Although we were disappointed not to be able to hold our Easter, Halloween and Christmas events this year we are planning to resume in 2021.   


Do you have social media skills? If so, you could be just the person we are looking for to spread the word about SEE3.We are looking for a part time social media and digital content lead to work a few hours a week. 

The SEE3 Town Team consists of a small group who give their time to help improve our local environment and community. Could you get involved?  Please contact us on here

Our brochure comes out once a year usually just in time for all the Christmas festivities. Although this year is slightly different you should have received your brochure through the mail box. Here are our past brochures which can be downloaded.

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SEE3 Brochure 20 Cover.jpg
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Take a look at the gallery of our past events, performances & Businesses